Being a working mom is a constant juggling act. Balancing work, parenting, carpooling, cleaning and self-care often feels impossible, leading to feeling guilty and overwhelmed. However, it's essential to remember that prioritizing your well-being isn't selfish—it's necessary. This post will explore practical strategies for moms to overcome guilt and make time for their children/families and themselves.

(Note: This blog was written while in a face mask) 😛

Understanding Mom Guilt

What is Mom Guilt? Mom guilt is the pervasive feeling that despite all your efforts, you're not doing enough for your children and your family. It can stem from societal expectations, personal standards or the pressure to be perfect. So much of it comes from social media.

Why It's Important to Address Mom Guilt Ignoring mom guilt can lead to burnout, stress and reduced quality time with your children. Acknowledging and addressing these feelings is the first step towards a healthier balance.

Strategies for Overcoming Mom Guilt

1. Set Realistic Expectations Understand that it's impossible to be perfect in every role. Set achievable goals for work and home, and allow yourself grace when things don't go as planned.

2. Practice Self-Compassion Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would offer a friend. Recognize your efforts and celebrate small victories.

3. Communicate Openly Discuss your feelings with your partner, friends or a therapist. Sharing your experiences can provide support and perspective.

Extra: Do not be hard on yourself if you do not enjoy "playing" with your children. I personally fall into this category in ways. While I do not feel inclined to get on the ground and play Barbies or Kitchen, I do enjoy doing a craft project, playing with a Lego set or going outside and kicking around the soccer ball.

Prioritizing Quality Time with Your Children

1. Create Special Rituals Establish small daily or weekly rituals with your children. These consistent activities foster strong bonds, whether it's a bedtime story, a weekend outing, or a family game night. We try to do game nights more often during the summer and spend time (even if it is just 15 minutes) outside near the firepit when it is colder...S'mores are typically involved!

2. Be Present

Quality time is about presence, not perfection. During designated times, put away distractions like phones and focus entirely on your children.

3. Involve Your Children in Your Routine Incorporate your kids into your daily activities, such as cooking or exercising. This not only spends time together but also teaches them valuable life skills.

Making Time for Self-Care

1. Schedule "Me Time" Just as you schedule meetings and playdates, schedule time for yourself. Prioritize these moments, whether it's a hobby, a workout or quiet time.

2. Delegate and Ask for Help Don't hesitate to delegate tasks or ask for help from your partner, family, or friends. Remember, it takes a village to raise children. I forget this sometimes but have been trying to ask the girls to do a few more things, such as add a trashbag or help put away the dishes. I thankfully have a husband who always helps out. Even though he hates laundry and dishes, he helps make sure they are done...and frankly, he is way better at vacuuming than I am.

3. Practice Mindfulness Incorporate mindfulness practices like meditation or journaling into your routine. These activities can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity. While I am not the best here, I do try to use my commutes to work to refocus and typically will listen to music I enjoy, podcasts or an audiobook using the Headway app.


Balancing work, parenting, and self-care is a challenging but achievable goal. By setting realistic expectations, practicing self-compassion, and prioritizing quality time with your children and yourself, you can overcome mom guilt and create a more fulfilling and balanced life. Remember, caring for yourself is the best way to care for your family.

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