I know all of us mamas of little girls are starting to go a little insane with the skincare craze going on. But instead of just telling them no, or they are too young, I have embraced it. 

We first started with a very basic facewash in the bath and shower, then got them some travel-size lotion. Once they went through that set, I knew they wanted to have a routine...and who am I to stop a good habit forming at a young age. 

So I was excited to hear about Be-Tween, as it made for young skin. What I like is it is clean and simple to use for my girls. 

They use aloe cleansing ball in a bag, lather it up and use on their face. Then simply rinse and use their moisturizer in the morning and a night. 


The line also has a face mask product that is great after big sweats for my girls, like soccer games and dance competitions. 

Mamas if you want a simple routine that won't cost too much, I recommend this one! 

Disclaimer: We did receive the product for free to test, but I do not receive any payment for my review or if you purchase!