If you are like me you have kiddos that have a tendency to go through clothes fast. But somehow the cheap $3 shirt you got lasts them years, but the nice dress you picked out for picture day fades in one wash. 

I had this problem, but I really wanted something sweet and classic for my youngest school pictures. But could be worn again and keep its shape and color - insert Feltman Brothers into the picture and our lives have changed these last few years. 

Now, you can't tell me she doesn't look sweet as candy...though she probably bribed with just that to get this smile. 

Logan Dress

Feltman Brothers is my go-to for the special occasion outfits, the girls looked adorable last year in their Valentine's Day sets and this year, Logan helped pick out her special dress. 

Selah Outfit
Logan Outfit

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving or Holiday Party Dress, check out Feltman Brothers - these are those timeless pieces, both for girls and boys. They range in sizes from premie baby to 4t. 

Girl Holiday Dress

Boy Solider Set (But I think a girl would just be adorable with a big red bow)

Our last year's holiday dress from Feltman Brothers were also a big hit and still look adorable as they grow taller! Which is one thing I love about their dresses! 

Here are some of my favorites from their new arrivals and special occasions

Feltman Brothers also have an outlet on their site + they sell the most adorable dolls

Now, bonus - check out this pose in her class pictures - I just love this girl. 

Disclaimer: Feltman Brothers is a long-time partner to MotherTriedWhat, but as you can tell they have been part of my daughter's lives for years and we just adore their company and believe in their products. Their apparel continues to lasts and I can't wait to pass them along to their future children.