Give kids a challenge, it gives them purpose...even if it is only for 15 min.

Parents, no matter the age of your kids, you often want them to put down the tablet and go play.

Give them a challenge that will spark their creativity. Some ways:

• 1-3-year-olds: 

- Grab a water bottle, toilet paper roll and sponges and tell them to build a robot.

- Visit the Target dollar section and pick out a few cheap crafts, my favorite are the wooden pieces to paint 

- Sock matching party - whip out the sock pile and have them make this saves you the task of doing it later :) 

• 4-6 years old: 

- Have them run outside and grab something green, blue and yellow

- Lite Brite - you can get them under $15 on Amazon or at Target. This fun classic keeps the kiddos entertained. Plus you can download and print out more designs online for free. 

• 7-10 years old: 

- Give them painter's tape and chalk and tell them they have 30 minutes to cover the driveway.

- Give them access to the spice drawer and ask them to organize - but don't tell them how. Have them explain their process. 

- Sit down with your child and open a give them a cookbook, have them add a bookmark to the recipes they want to try - then have them compare your pantry and fridge to the recipe and make a shopping list! 

It doesn’t take money to get their imagination going — just give them an idea and let them run with it.

Originally posted on The Oklahoma 100