Next, time to take up the kiddos. My oldest can be a beast, so we have a game: The first person to get dressed in the race gets a whip cream shot. Fun fact: Most days we both get one :) 

Now the hair, oh the hair. My favorite product to use is the T is for Tame brand. They have a few items to keep on hand, I use the: Taming Mist & Taming Matte Cream.


Now, I have two girls who have very strong opinions on hair. So I try to allow them to pick up a bow or clip when we pick out the outfits for the week. 
But to keep it all organized, I took a bait organizer box and used it to keep it all organized. 

Protip: If your kids like to brush their own hair, I highly recommend the Ineffable Care Brush, aka "Magic Brush"

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