Hair in our household is a big thing. Now that my girls go to “salon” and  can decide how they want their hair to look, they have opinions! 

Some days it is down, others space buns, ballet bun, messy bun, braids, Elsa braid…haha they even find videos to show me looks!

But I won’t do anything “fun” unless they help take care of their hair! That includes: good shampoo and conditioner when bathing, brushing hair out and using mommy-approved products! 

Now my girls call these are Lion Mane Tamers!

My favorite product to use is the T is for Tame brand. They have a few items to keep on hand, I use the: Taming Mist & Taming Matte Cream.


Now, I have two girls who have very strong opinions on hair. So I try to allow them to pick up a bow or clip when we pick out the outfits for the week. 
But to keep it all organized, I took a bait organizer box and used it to keep it all organized. 

Protip: If your kids like to brush their own hair, I highly recommend the Ineffable Care Brush, aka "Magic Brush