Now breakfast - we keep it simple, we check what the school is serving and see if the oldest wants that - if not, they eat: Muffins, Granola Bars & of course, Microwaveable Pancakes.  

While they are eating, I load up my car with backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes and my items. I then check that the pets are covered. 

For the days my oldest wants to sleep in a little more, I load up a bento box with pancakes to go and she eats them on the drive. (Now: don't forget to take it out of the car when you get home...) 

And for those who still are doing virtual schools, or like us, have built-in virtual days, I have a few tips I've picked up through the last two years. 

If your kiddo is doing virtual school or possibly craves more when they get home, I recommend School Zone. Not only are the activities impactful, but the bright colors, make the kids WANT to do some work and enjoy it. 

A few we have on hand for the kids: 

Learning Packs (make great gifts, perfect for on-the-go!)

Kindergarten Learning Pack  

Preschool Learning Pack  

Playtime Learning Pack  

Since we have a preschool and Kindergartner, these packs work great for us:

Preschool Workbook 

Kindergarten Workbook 

First Grade Workbook 

On virtual days, at night and on weekends the girls often will play "school" and my oldest LOVES to draw she goes through notepads and sketchpads so fast. A fun gift we surprised her for her birthday was a Monsters Case-it.  

The Case-it binders feature padded covers, zipper closures and additional storage, my kiddo loads it up with hair clips, erasers and more art supplies. 

One of our favorite features is the sturdy shoulder strap, so she can load it up and take it with us quickly. 

This will allow for her to take her stuff on the go, whether going on a drive, visiting the grandparents and when we go camping.