Saturdays are a busy day, so after I have my morning coffee, I try to clean out and prep the diaper bag for the weekend activities. I had been using the same diaper bag for 6 years and it was time to upgrade. 

I got this vegan leather one from KeaBabies. It is clean, polished and doesn't feel like a diaper bag, but more of a cute backpack loaded with a bunch of kids crap :) 

KeaBabies backpacks are made of buttery-soft, lightweight and stylish Vegan leather, their SLEEK Diaper Backpack are really durable, waterproof and easy to clean. There is a ton of storage space and pockets, so enough room to always have on hand: chapstick, mom snacks, sunscreen, barf know the usual. 
 My two favorite parks, the backpack is designed with wide padded shoulder straps to distribute the diaper bag’s weight evenly, so that it can be carried all day without discomfort. Plus the cup holder space is big, so you can double up and can include a mom-size water bottle as well.