Even though vaccinations are available and mask mandates are gone, as employees some of us are hesitant to do things that were considered the norm in 2019. Instead of forcing the old ways, lean into the new and find a new norm to work together with leadership.

As we continue to adjust to this post-Covid era we are living and working in, as humans we are forming new habits, rather than going back to the old.

Here are a few ways to lean into a new norm:

  1. Status signs for the doors or cubicles — allow employees to tell others if they are:
    On a call/Zoom
    Need no distractions
  2. Encourage them to get out of the office
    Go for a walk as a team
    Eat lunch outside
    Head to the local library to check out books
  3. Miscellaneous Allow them to WFH (if needed)
    Offer adjusted summer hours

An original version of this article was posted in The Oklahoma 100