Alrighty, if you know me in person, you most likely are aware that I am allergic to nuts. All kinds. Thankfully not the "I will die" allergic, more of a "my throat is super itchy, swell up" allergic. So when I got a message about chocolate-based snacks that were nut-free and not just another granola bar, I was pumped! 

So while this is a nut-free space, it is also a no-judging space - so when I say, I ate entire bags of this yummy stuff in one sitting, we all can agree not to judge. I quickly was ready for a reorder. 

My personal favorite is milk chocolate with sea salt, but as I like to keep it real, I ate them all and enjoyed them all. Plus Undercover makes a great snack when sitting through a 2.5-hour long dance recital that my daughter danced twice, for all of 3 minutes total :) 

Photo evidence at said dance recital

Now you all are saying, "Taylor, where can we get them, I've not seen these before." 

Well since I have already had to share that info with those I shared the snacks with, I will share it with you.

You can buy directly on their site (not an affiliate link) **They have a coupon as well. 

Also, you can use their handy tool to look up stores in your area that carry them. 

Also, did I tell you that they are women-founded and owned? Check out their about us page. 

I will not make a single buck off of you buying this product, I did get it for free to try, but I quickly turned in a fan and am a repeat buyer.