You know those small windows of time whereas a mom you feel ready to be productive or simply there is nothing else to watch on Netflix? Those moments where you go, I should do something...I have some ideas. 

First: Do you need to go to the restroom or take a shower. We all have been there mamas (and dads) and go well crap I do need to shower. So take those 15 minutes and go wash your hair. 

Now after that, here are a few more ideas...

Here are a few projects to do when you have a spare 15 minutes: 

  1. Free up space on your devices: When you are waiting on an appointment, start going through your photos and deleting the duplicates. I also do this when I am traveling by plane. 

  2. Find new recipes: While you have your household favorite meals, research and get motivated to try new recipes. I also think this is a great project to do with your kids, have them go through a few cookbooks and bookmark the ones they want to try. 

  3. Set a timer and find the junk: Grab a trash bag and power through your house and car and get rid of the junk mail, wrappers, Amazon boxes, etc. (Tip: Only look for the trash during those 15 minutes, come back to the other projects later).

What things do you do when you have 15 minutes and can't find anything else to watch? :)