Mother's Day is almost here people. So for those who are looking for ideas for their moms, special person in their life or (those that buy their own gifts) Remember, the gift is not what matters most - the thought and the love is what she cares about. 

Tough as a Mother Necklaces

I personally have both the MAMA and one with my girl's initials - love them both. Comes with many options and can ship quickly. Click here for 30% off discount access. It was founded by a Mama here in the United States near my hometown. 

Jennifer Cervantes, founded jewelry brand Tough as a Mother Tribe, to help empower and support moms on their parenting journey… to help women, and parents alike, find the strength to endure the real challenges of motherhood, no matter what stage of motherhood they may be in.

Tough as a Mother Tribe jewelry works to help moms find the energy to make it through sleepless nights and challenges that we never even knew existed, whether that’s a miscarriage, the darkness of postpartum depression, the stress of feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, or just being there when your kid needs support. 

Tough as a Mother utilizes the power and meanings of gemstones and the power of names to design pieces that honor the most joyous and raw parts of motherhood and parenthood. 

“When you purchase a personalized Tough as a Mother Tribe piece, you quietly unite with mothers across the world through our common bond. Our trials and triumphs through our motherhood journeys become shared experiences with each other, each of us silently cheering the others on. Whether you are buying for yourself, a first-time mom just embarking on her motherhood journey, or a third-time mom choosing hope as she carries her rainbow baby, you are in the right place,” says Jennifer. 

Oh, and did I mention the celebrity recognition the brand is getting on social media? Actor Griffin Matthews stated in a recent Instagram story, “One of my favorite experiences of the [Golden Globes] was getting to meet other beautiful artists. We have been so starved for human connection. Tough as a Mother gifted me a stone necklace to protect me on my journey as a daddy.”

Tough as a Mother has also been recognized by actress Viola Davis, singer Andra Day, actress Blanca Blanco, and actress Celeste Thorson, to name a few!

Click here for 30% off discount access.