Alrighty so if your house is anything like mine, if it is soft, people will steal it! Now when I say the minute I opened this box, I had multiple members of my family saying "Oh, that blanket is mine." You could tell just from the look of it that it was going to be cozy. 

Now weeks later, I can say, it truly is. It has gone through many wash cycles and snuggle sessions and is still feels just a cozy as day one. 

Nights I get the blanket & get to use the massage fun are pure bliss

If you are a mom I bet you are really good at stocking up on gloves and warm leggings for the whole family, but not yourself! Well, I selected a pair of gloves for myself and they did just the trick. 

Not too bulky, but warm enough inside I was able to wear them during snow and high winds. Now, these thermal bottoms have been awesome, they have a few versions, but I choose the Ultralight Base Bottoms, so I could wear them under work pants or jeans, and they add the extra layer or warmth that tights often can not deliver. 

To show you how it can be worn with everyday clothes here is one of the days I have them under my pants! 

If you are planning ahead, I HIGHLY Reccomend you Try Heat Holders for Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts. 

Personally, the next items I want to try include:

Outdoor Blanket - We are heading to Yellowstone in June and it will be colder in the evenings, so this would be a nice have to keep on us during the night wildlife tours expeditions. 

Loungewear - what mom could not use another pair of good pants to wear around the house?