Valentine's Gifts are always hard. So many want to do something romantic when really you should be thinking of things you wished you got for Christmas or things that would just make you smile. Here are a few ideas for anyone in your life. 

Colonel Popper: USE ANY POPCORN KERNELS - Bring the theater home and use any corn kernels or popcorn oil. BPA Free Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper makes up to 14 cups of popcorn, plenty for your kids and family. Gone are the days of buying unhealthy microwave popcorn bags with harmful chemicals.  Kids and adults can make popcorn their own way at a fraction of the cost.

FinchBerry Soap: EVERYONE loves pretty, smelling good soaps and lotions! Now when I got my box, just opening it released the best smell! These would make any hostess ready to switch out their bathroom soaps! Adorned with elaborate textures, layers, color and details reminiscent of a confection, these handcrafted soaps are stunning works of art. They are decadent, no-calorie treats as they are only consumed by your skin. Each individual bar contains natural, food-grade ingredients, a unique decadent appearance and a lush gentle lather. In addition, all soaps are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives. Buy now (I also noticed I can find it at a lot of local boutiques and hair salons). 

Castaway Nantucket: Even though we do not live close to a body of water, this brand is universal and the moment my husband saw the package, he put it on! Whether you’re shopping for a BF, your husband, or any special man in your life, Castaway Nantucket has the perfect outerwear staples that will keep your hubby warm and classy through the rest of winter.

Carthage: Quality bakeware is so important. Baking and the holidays go hand in hand! Carthage.Co brings exquisite, ethically-sourced pottery made by Tunisian artisans directly to your table. There’s no shipping of raw materials to factories to make the same mainstream product over and over again. In fact, Carthage.Co works as a direct to consumer channel so you get the same high-end products at a fraction of a retail store’s priceCarthage products not only are beautiful, but very well-made. I've been using mine for weekend Quiches, and not only are they perfect size for a family of 4 but easy to clean. Buy now. 

A Dash of Chels: Small and useful gifts are always my favorite. Handmade right here in Oklahoma. Grab a few for your gal pals to give them a little sparkle on their keychains. Plus she does custom orders! Buy Now. 

Lucky Chick Lipstick & Gloss: Can a Mom have too many lip colors? The answer is NO! Now, this brand is top-notch, it is long-lasting and bold colors! Husbands: Grab a few shades (you can’t go wrong with reds and pinks) and throw in Mom’s stocking this year! (BUY NOW