And just like that, the holidays are back. Parents, grandparents, godparents & aunts/uncles struggle to get their young ones gifts they actually want or need. 

Personally, tots and tweens are some of the hardest to shop for - they are too young to get gift cards and too old for just picking out a toy or top; they are independent & opinionated. I have pulled together a few gift ideas that all can be purchased from home, shipped directly to the recipient, and personally vouch for. 

1. Evel Knievel Action Figure

Now, this gift is great for a lot of people. My two young girls love playing with it, my husband has a blast showing the kids how to use it & I frankly thought it was fun. PLUS NO BATTERIES NEEDED! Great for those hard to shop for tween boys! 


This cute little robot is a lot of fun. It pairs with an app on a parent's device, and it teaches them facts, sings songs, reads stories, and helps form good habits, such as brushing teeth and winding down or nap time. My girls LOVE Codi. 

3. Unofficial Holiday Hogwarts Cookbook 

If you know me personally, you know I am a BIG Harry Potter fan, and what is great, so is my oldest! This cookbook is entertaining. It has recipes that highlight food and drinks from the HP Universe. While some may be more adventurous, like Haggis Inspired Stew or Minca Pies, there are also holiday treats that are fun to make with the kids. I even used the mashed potatoes recipe for Thanksgiving. Some favorites for us include Goulash, Golden Birthday Cake Pops & Bath Buns.

4. Remember to Smile Book

Florida mom-of-two Shannon Q. McDonald wanted to find a way to tell her kids about face masks in kid-friendly language while also making them laugh at the same time. Her new full-color children’s picture book for kids ages 2-6 years old describes and illustrates the different styles of masks, characters that wear them, when you can wear them, and interesting ways to use them. Colorful and funny illustrations bring the book to life and will have kids giggling on the floor. Remember to Smile proudly supports the COVID-19 Relief Fund (for Teachers and Students) through the non-profit organization While my girls have gotten used to wearing masks, this book is a great reminder of why it will not be forever. 

5. Paint By Numbers Kit

With so many still having to stay at home, kids are missing out on activities. But we need to encourage them to still be creative and to enjoy the art of making something with their hands. I recommend Paint By Number Kits - these are great for so many people on your list, but if you have a tween who is hard to shop for - rather than get them another top, why not get them an experience. 

6. I Believe In You

Every child sometimes needs a little extra encouragement, a reminder that they are capable, resilient, and loved no matter what. Maybe it's on the first day of school, or before a music recital or trying out for a team, or maybe it's before going to the birthday party of a brand new friend. I Believe in You is the book for just that moment--an irresistibly sweet tale about a little dragon learning to spread his wings and a unicorn who offers unconditional support and motivation along the way. HOT TIP: Write in a message inside the book from you, so they know why you got them this book, and it can be a reminder down the road.