My girls and I during the WFH stage of pandemic, enjoying their Lil' Gourmet-based smoothies
My girls and I during the WFH stage of the pandemic, enjoying their Lil' Gourmet-based smoothies

While I typically can get my kids to eat strawberries or watermelon, it is a tad harder to get my 4- and 2-year-old to east vegetables (since fries don't count). 

We all have heard of the tricks of adding carrots to spaghetti, switching to cauliflower for mashed "taters" -- but to be honest, sometimes it is hard to get my kids to eat those meals...also I think I have the only two kids that don't like mashed potatoes. So I decided to get to on their level and just agree to "ice cream" & "popsicles" -- just with a few extra things. 

Logan liked mom's "ice cream" - here is how I made it. 

1. Grabbed a Tubberware that had a lid (hard to find sometimes)
2. Your kid's favorite flavor of Lil' Gourmets, I used: Cinnamon, Beats & Apples
3.  Available juice, I used apple  juice (2/3 cups per Lil' Gourmets container)
4. Just by mixing the Lil' Gourmets pack and juice, you are creating your ice cream or popsicle base.
5. At this point, you can freeze your container to make "ice cream" or add into a popsicle mold if you are can always use an ice cube tray with popsicle sticks. 
6. Then offer them to your kids at any point of the day (You will totally win Mom points since they will they they are getting a treat) 

Since the lovely folks at Lil' Gourmets since me a nice box, I decided to share with my friend who has a sweet 11-month-old. These meals are great for 6 months to 6 years. While yes it is pureed, they have the suggestion that while it can be used as meals for under 1, for the older tots and kids, they make great spreads and dips...or be like me and hide them in smoothies and DIY popsicles. 

Not my kid, but darn isn't she cute! 

Thanks, sweet girl  & her mama for being a product tester!

I see a future influencer :) 

Disclaimer: These products were sent to be in exchange of a review, but as you can tell, I will take all the help I can get to get my kiddos to eat healthier. I highly recommend! This also makes a great gift for those who are looking for unique Bday gifts for 1-year-olds...I promise you, they don't need more toys, help the mama out and get her new foods to try. Order here.