This is my hair without my fill-in extensions, which I've been wearing to make my hair thicker. Haven't needed them lately. 

Okay, so I know with a headline like that, you must think I ran out of mine and had to use the men's option in the shower, but you would be wrong. 

When the fun and cheeky folks at Ballsy sent me their Goodhead shampoo for my husband to review, the first thing I did was smell it! You guys, the stuff smells amazing! Does not smell like a bottle of smelly cologne or body spray exploded in your face. 

So in the shower, it went.

I typically wash my hair two times a week...sometimes three times (depends on the amount of hair spray and dry shampoo I've used). I use the purple shampoo once a week and the other one or two times, I've been using this Goodhead shampoo

Can I just tell you I can see the difference! My hair is thicker and healthier, plus the smell (not kidding, smells so good). 

They have a whole line of products for men, but to be honest, the wife or girl in the relationship is going to benefit as well. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Goodhead Shampoo in exchange of a review. But as you can tell, I only promote the products I use and enjoy...and I am loving this one! Order some for yourself today.