If you’re feeling a summer cold coming on, it is important to find ways to keep fitness part of your routine. Here are ways to help keep your body moving:

1. Walking and jogging - don't try to hit 10,000 steps, aim for 2-4K, just try to move every hour when you are awake. 

2. Light swim if can, if not -- I recommend watching a basic ballet video and use your counter as a bar. Just focus on feet and balance, just to get your body moving in gentle ways. 

3. Yoga - Amazon Prime has a ton of free options and of course, YouTube is a great resource. 

Do avoid gym machines or lifting weights – your body needs to build energy back up, and no need to expose yourself to more germs.

If you have a fever and chills, it’s important to head back to bed and get the rest your body needs. But when you are ready to get a small workout, be sure to hydrate and take it slow with low impact.