I know for many moms when they find out they are having a girl, they reflect back on the memories they had as a child thinking about the days they spent dressing up their Barbies and dolls.

While I don't take a lot of time getting the girls ready each day, as both of them have big opinions on their outfits, I try to allow them to pick up their own clothes each day -- this includes both my 4-year-old and 2-year-old.

But when it comes to the BIG days, I try to find them new dresses to give them something to twirl in and feel like a princess for the day.

When I visited the Feltman Brothers website I was blown away with the cuteness. My oldest was sitting next to me and I decided instead of pretending she was my doll and choosing the one I wanted, I said, "Pick One."

She took a minute, made me scroll the page a few times and she decided on a navy dress for Easter. I said that is was perfect and would be great for Easter and in the future! She then insisted on picking out one for her little sister and girl is a little fashionista in the making, she chooses a complimentary navy dress for her sister.

After ordering, I did not expect the delivery so quickly, when they arrived I was so impressed with the packaging, it allowed my girls to feel very special how the dresses were hung and sealed -- very big girl to them.

Then all this virus stuff kicked in and I realized we would not get to go out and do official Easter photos, but my girls kept asking about the dresses, so we decided to play dress up for the afternoon and run outside and play with the leaves.

What ended up being fun is the girls played on part of our land we have never played on, but it had the best leaves, so of course we went. We are moving soon to a new house, so it was nice to capture some photos at this house with all their smiles, twirls and laughs.

While I know the Easter dress season is not what we all expected this year, I cannot recommend Feltman Brothers enough - you can order online and have it delivered straight to your door. Their selection is great and has sizes for infants to big kids. So if you have a Birthday coming up, planning some Spring photos for the family once all this craziness is gone or just want to treat your kids to a special dress for being so good through this "Shelter-in-Place" period of our lives, I recommend giving them a visit.

Here are some moments from a fun day in the leaves with my little dolls.