Are you a KCup or old school coffee brewer? What if I told you there was a third option (not instant coffee)?

While I love my coffee, I do enjoy my hot tea as well. What I love about making tea is the ability to make it stronger with the amount of time I let it steep.

Always reminds me of the great quote, "Women are like teabags, you never know their strength, until they are put in hot water." 

So when I heard about Steeped Coffee I was intrigued just by the name.

Steeped Coffee from Santa Cruz California has made coffee on the go much simpler!

Check out my video below of demonstrating how it works!

As I mentioned in the video, the taste is wonderful and it really only takes a few minutes to get the perfect cup of coffee.

I liked them so much, we decide to do a giveaway together!

Head on over to my Instagram to enter a chance to win a box of their coffee, plus a mug!