Now, I know many of you, might be in the same boat this holiday season as me. When someone asks you what you want for Christmas, you struggle. You are old enough that if you really want or need something, you most likely go get it, but you know everyone’s intentions are pure. (Read 30-year old kids, getting asked by their parents) J

So I thought I would share with you, my random list of items, I either added to Amazon for myself or sent links to, for others!

Warning: VERY RANDOM, like no theme here.  Also, basically all the links are Amazon, so if you have Prime, you still have time to order for yourself, wrap it yourself and label it from your husband or kids J

New House Shoes: I tend to replace mine each year at the holidays. (Also note, I also buy new bath mats every Black Friday…weird habits, I know). But I loved this furry pair, I also look for ones with thick rubber soles, so I can take them camping as well. (BUY NOW) **Also check out TJ Maxx, they tend to have a great selection for under $20. I scored this same pair at TJ for under $20.

Defrosting Board: When I sent my mom this link…she questioned it. I said, Yes Mom, it looks very cool! Basically it is some type of witchcraft that when you set frozen meat on it, it defrosts it in less than 30 minutes. #Pumped (BUY NOW)

Face roller: These bad gals are the best. I use mine daily (oops, I already opened it, my B). But, my husband discovered it and I think he wants one too! (BUY NOW) **Also check out TJ Maxx, they tend to have a great selection under $20. Don’t splurge on these; no magical more expensive stones are going to rid your wrinkles. It just feels good and helps relief headaches or pains. 

Good Science Beauty Brightening Cream: Go check out my review, this brand will forever be on my list. Their selection is top-notch! (BUY NOW)

Waver: Someone tell me why I threw away the one I had in high school? Yes, I asked for one of these. If done right, it achieves the same curl/wave, I do on my hair most days, but will take ½ the time. And with these darn kids, constantly waking up, during moms “get ready time” I need the extra minutes. (BUY NOW)

Hair towels: Yeah, these towels need to be replaced often. Just like socks and underwear, add a few of these to your list or your own stocking this year. (BUY NOW) You can also pick up some cheaper versions at TJ Maxx, but I’d look for ones that are super absorbent, as they might carry ones that are more thin. (Which I did buy a pack for my oldest, who likes to wear them like Mama).

Stay in Bed Kids Alarm Clock: No, that is not the proper name, but this alarm clock supposedly, according to reviews, has magical powers. It glows a certain color once set, it will tell the girls that either it is time to get up…or stay in bed. So while, this might be under our tree with the girl’s names on it, it is really a gift to us parents. (BUY NOW)

Crockpot with Timer: I have had my crockpot for more than a decade. While it still works wonderfully, I am at cross roads. Not a very serious one, but one that involves me being tired of lugging it from the house to the RV. So my old one is going to the RV, and Mama wants a new one with a timer. This way, I can set things to move to warm when work goes a tad later than 5. (BUY NOW), but you should also be able to find options under $40 at Target and Walmart.

Waffle Maker: Same situation as above. My oldest constantly is asking for waffles on the weekends, but I tell her the maker is in the RV (yes it is parked in the backyard, but who has the energy?) So I wanted a new smaller version, I can keep in the house. For those days my girl ask for waffles, even though I am plenty aware they will take 2 bites and smear the syrup over the table! (BUY NOW)

Folder Helper: So my oldest came to me one Sunday as I was folding the laundry and asked if she could help. I said Okay... She then started folding towels and t-shirts, like super well. I was like, Okay, here is all of Dad’s shirts, it might have taken her a bit more time, but she did it, and liked it. So I thought this little tool might help both of my girls get more involved in a chore that they seem interested in. (BUY NOW).

Other things to note:

1.   I also grabbed at Target a new laptop bag (Clearance)
2.   I purchased at TJ Maxx some nylons & tights for my own stocking
3.   I also ordered an extra pair of my favorite black pants, they are normally only $10 at H&M and on Cyber Monday I got them for $8. I highly recommend you order some, they are great for date nights, but I wear them 2x a week at work. (BUY NOW)
4.   I also when ahead and picked up a few pairs of my favorite lounge pants. These bad gals are high-waisted and help suck everything in. Plus they tend to go on sale often at Old Navy. I recommend the order online, pick up in store, because we all know, somehow Old Navy always has a crazy line. When you do in-store pick up, you go to your own line! (BUY NOW)