Alright, we all probably have them on our list. The couple who had a baby, so the gift registry has already been completed, but you want to get them a gift that will make life easier. I, of course, first recommend to: 1. Bring food 2. Gift Card for Food 3. HouseKeeper 4. Nap Coupons :) 

But, if you are looking for something you can “add to cart” look no further!

Mizu Water Bottle: Travel around the city without wondering when you’ll find the next source of filtered water with the 360 V7 Everyday Kit. The vacuum insulated V7 will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, so you can be prepared for a full day of cool hydration. Attach the silicone straw when you have access to water you trust, and simply twist on the Everyday Filter for instant filtration when you don’t. Never be stuck with the bad tap water taste again! (BUY NOW

Patch Bamboo Bandages: PATCH bamboo strips are a 100% compostable and hypoallergenic solution to wound care adhesives. Highly rated on Amazon, PATCH is gaining traction with folks swapping out the old standby for the new generation of eco-friendly wound care. These are amazing for on the go and kids love the adorable Aussie panda prints! They make a wonderful stocking stuffer, too! :)
  • PATCH Natural -- For use on cuts and scratches
  • PATCH Coconut Oil Kids -- For use on abrasions and grazes
  • PATCH Aloe Vera -- For use on burns and blisters
  • PATCH Activated Charcoal -- For use on bites and splinters

Diaper Cream: Known as a “miracle cream,” Majda Ficko teamed with a chemist to create Baby Butz to help prevent her son’s diaper rash. Today, not only is it a go-to for millions of parents worldwide and doctor recommended, it’s also known for helping with all types of ailments including bug bites, eczema, bedsores, cold sores and any other topical rash! (BUY NOW)

Diaper Storage: Cooper & Belle is dedicated to creating simple, elegant and high-quality products. Our bandana bibs are versatile, lightweight and ultra-absorbent, and our uniquely engineered diaper caddy will store anything you need for baby, either at home or in the car. Perfect for the parent on the go! (BUY NOW)

Stroller Hook: One of my favorite purchases is my stroller hook! Perfect for trips to the mall, to hold the shopping bags. Also works great if you are on a field trip, zoo, park - allows you to hold more than the small basket under the stroller seat! (BUY NOW)

Facial Cream: A favorite of derms and that in-the-know, DefenAge is clinically proven to dramatically minimize pores and wrinkles and improve brightness, tone, texture, clarity and hydration in just six weeks. In simple words, DefenAge erases signs of skin exhaustion, damage and aging on a global scale. The key ingredient is a patented molecule called Age-Repair Defensins®.

Defensins play a pivotal role in stimulating body to produce young and fresh skin. Here is how it works:
  • Our bodies hold dormant, “preserved,” fresh cells called LGR6+ stem cells
  • Defensins (the molecules that our body’s use to heal wounds) activate the LGR6+ stem cells
  • Activated LGR6+ stem cells create new basal stem cells which in turn produce “fresh” keratinocytes (skin cells), and eventually, new skin.
My favorite products: 8-in-1 BioSerum – The key product in the range that delivers new skin. This serum understands your skin’s needs better than your own DNA. Designed to activate, orchestrate and energize, this biologically-advanced concentrate is infused with the highest daily percentage of Age-Repair Defensins and comprehensive blend of antioxidants. 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream - Amplifies the results delivered by the serum. This ultra-hydrating lightweight cream infused with Age-Repair Defensins and multi-action barrier repair, hydration and brightening ingredients.2-Minute Reveal Masque – Helps to see results faster. The mask exfoliates and resurfaces skin, while you are building new skin. It is infused with a blend of three-fruit enzymes and environment-friendly Ultrafine Sugar Crystals. (Buy Now)

Motion Sensor: With two girls & three dogs, having a safe home is very important to us! As the girls get older, there are more places we need to monitor! I am a big fan of @heykangaroo‘s motion sensor! What’s so amazing about this sensor is there is no wires, no monthly commitment & no camera! Just a sensor that will send alerts to your phone on the @heykangaroo app. (BUY NOW) * Use code: Kangaroo27 for BOGO 

Blister Blocker: I personally have one in my purse, at home and my desk at work. These products are great for the whole family, but since little ones can’t tell mom & dad that their feet hurt because of their shoes, prep their feet with blister blocker before putting them in new shoes! (BUY NOW) - Special discount if you sign up for their mailing list. 

Skin Slipper: The Skin Slipper is a handy little gadget that slides over your pointer and middle finger and puts product exactly where it needs to go and nowhere else! f you’ve ever had irritated skin on your fingers from applying skin medications like Retin A or Benzoyl Peroxide, then the Skin Slipper is for you. Made of silicone, the Skin Slipper is hypoallergenic, slides gently over your skin, and will not absorb costly products and leave you with sticky, stinky fingers. It also eliminates waste by allowing you to ditch expensive disposable applicators like q-tips and cotton balls.  The Skin Slipper is easy to clean with soap and water, and can be used over and over again! (BUY NOW)