Moms, if you are like me, you sometimes just send a list of Amazon links to your spouse or you just buy, wrap and stick a gift tag (love the kids or husband) -- but this year, I am working to give my husband actual ideas that he can research and buy (but, I will still send some links)   :) 

Here are some ideas on how to treat yourself this holiday season! 

Smile Brilliant: Now this brand I love. I am actually in the process of getting new whitening trays myself. Great way to pamper yourself, Moms! I also have to shout out their electric toothbrushes, both my husband and I have them and they are worth the tiny investment! (BUY NOW) *Use Code: RENEWME20 to save 20% 

Lucky Chick Lipstick & Gloss: Can a Mom have too many lip colors? The answer is NO! Now, this brand is top-notch, it is long-lasting and bold colors! Husbands: Grab a few shades (you can’t go wrong with reds and pinks) and throw in Mom’s stocking this year! (BUY NOW)  

SkinSuit: Now, I’ve talked about this brand before (see blog) - But it still is in my top favorite skin products. With just one step, this weightless mineral formula combats photoaging damage caused by everything from blue light exposure from cell phones and screens to toxic chemicals that float in the air. It protects your skin from UV, pollution & blue light! This product would make a great gift for any woman on your list. (BUY NOW)

Arcopedico Boots: Booties – can you ever own enough? Now that the cold weather is on its way, check out Arcopedico’s super cute Luana. THESE ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE BOOTS! They also provide excellent support with Arcopedico’s patented twin arch system. PLUS, they’re vegan. (BUY NOW

Solemates Blister Blocker: Another product for everyone! Head to their site and grab a few products for everyone on your list. But for us Moms, this blister blocker is perfect when breaking in new heels or boots! (BUY NOW) 

Nira: The  NIRA Skincare Laser is the most advanced anti-aging device on the market, delivering fast, professional results in the convenience of your own home and on your own schedule. The NIRA Skincare Laser is the only safe, natural solution at less than half the price of other at-home laser treatments. (BUY NOW)