I recently came across an article that discussed ways to combat decision fatigue. As a leader, you are often turned to in order to make final decisions on nearly everything that is put out or produced by your company. These decisions can range in size and impact, but each one is an element that supports the bigger picture.
If you are feeling the pressure of Q4 and are working towards preparing for a successful new year, here are three tips to help make decision making more efficient.
1. Make it a simple process - this way all team members submit the information that needs approval to you in a unified format.
2. Delegate - if you can anticipate a question or "approval" coming down the pipeline, identify a trusted team member to make the decision and report back to you.
3. Make big decisions in the morning - if your schedule allows, always aim to make big decisions after you have slept on it and feel refreshed and comfortable about moving forward.