Okay, teens - they seem to have everything and are always some of the hardest to buy for. But instead of just grabbing a gift card, here are some easy to buy/order online items that will be unique that all their friends won’t come back to school with the same stuff. 

1. Fringe - FRINGE is a unique and modern shoe accessories line to update and customize your shoes! Perfect for teens, they can keep their favorite sneakers and personalize each outfit with these fun shoe accessories! Pick your color and size and create a completely new look! FRINGE can be attached to any pair of lace-up shoes - what a fun and stylish way to express yourself! (BUY NOW)

2. ProFitness Wooden Balance Board - Designed for both kids and adults, our wobble board helps you improve your mental and physical fitness with total body exercises with one safe, stable piece of exercise equipment. From posture to a range of motion to agility, the ProGear Wooden Balance Board is a powerful balance training and physical therapy tool that can be used almost anywhere to help you feel better and recover from injury faster. (BUY NOW) 

3. Airpods tracker - This case was developed in response to the many devastating losses of AirPods that occur yearly from people traveling, going to the gym, or going on subways. The Trackeroo case is available in seven vibrant colors including red, pink, black, lime green, white, blue and glow in the dark. It's built with two pockets to firmly fit a tracking device (sold separately) such as the recently released Tile Mate 2020 and either generation of AirPods.  Anytime AirPods are misplaced, a customer can log into the tracking device’s app and pinpoint the AirPod's location and activate the tracker’s loud “Here I am!” beep sound. (BUY NOW) - Currently 50% white version. 

4. Beaded Headband - Add something extra to your day. These beaded headbands are the latest trend, but also look good on all lengths of hair! (BUY NOW) This pack linked comes with six (Under $15). 

5. Sports Blister Blocker & Blister Prevention Balm - Now this stuff is amazing. I personally have one in my purse, at home and my desk at work. These products are great for the whole family, but for teens who are always grabbing the latest shoes, these products will help prevent the blisters. Makes a great stocking stuffer as well. (BUY NOW) - Special discount if you sign up for their mailing list.