Do the words "meal prep" stress you out? They used to for me because I envisioned all these healthy meals, stacked up and by day 3 you would be sick of eating the same thing again. 

But with two kiddos and a husband that I need to make sure have lunches ready in the morning, "meal prepping" became my thing. 

Some days I luck out and we have leftovers that my husband and I can take, but on the days we do not, I go for an easy grab-n-go option. Our go-to: Salami, Pepperoni, cheese, beef jerky and typically a piece of chocolate. 

For the days Selah goes to pre-preK, we stick to the same "main meal" that way she knows what to expect. She enjoys turkey, cheese, apple sauce, apple juice, then a few "treats" either a KIND Bar, goldfish, pretzels, muffin and if we have it, watermelon. 

Having these predictable meals not only make it easy to decide if that is what "you are feeling like" that day or if you want to pick something else up. 

If you are looking for inspo for what to pre-pack, here is my list grocery list I use each time I need to restock: 

1. Favorite fruit
2. Limes/Lemons (for daily water) 
3. KIND Bars
4. Granola Bars
5. Fruit Snacks
6. Pretzels
7. Rice Cakes
8. Popcorn
9. M&Ms (For Mom) & Reeses (For Dad) 
10. Beef Jerky & Slim Jims
11. 90 Calorie Brownies
12. Turkey
13. Cheese cubes (for the girls)
14. Pepper Jack & Laughing Cow Cheese (for the parents)
15. Crackers

This list is easy to mix, easy to find health and organic options, and they are the type of snacks you don't get sick of. I also keep most of the dry options above in a snack cart behind my desk at work. 

I am also a bit of a Tubberware hoarder, so every few months I grab a few more bento boxes for the family. We tend to go thru them quickly...or they run off to the same place dryer socks go to. 

So while I don't have the determination to make full-fledge prepped meals, these go-to boxes make mornings WAY easier. 

Love to hear some of the snacks you enjoy daily, and just don't seem to get bored of. My #1 will also be dark chocolate KIND bars, I eat two a day!