Are you already starting to think about Christmas shopping? As a busy, working mom myself, I can admit that I've started to shop and put things aside, to make it easier when it comes to December. 

So when my friends at JORD (pronounced YODE) reached out about their watches, I was thrilled, as I've been checking out their collections for both myself and my husband. 

Jord is Swedish for "From Earth, Land or Soil" and it is evident they live up to their name in their watches. The one I am wearing the Cassia (with rose gold) is made of beautiful walnut. 

As a watch company, they are best known for their wood designs, but Jord has recently expanded its offerings to include other elements from nature, including metal and other hardier materials to fortify while keeping a natural wood appearance. 

Before you worry that they are hurting the environment with their natural wood usage, know they are doing quite the opposite. They are committed to having NO PART in global deforestation. Their woods are sourced from trees that have already fallen naturally, and others come from furniture remnants. 

You need to check out the JORD Watch selection, they have something for every taste. Even have options for Apple Watches! Nothing is heavier than 4oz, so it is lightweight, but feels, looks and is high quality! 

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Good way to check off an early Christmas gift from your list! 
The winner will receive a $100 gift code off any watch in the Jord Collection! NOTE: All entrants will automatically receive a 10% discount for their next order. 

Wooden Wrist Watch

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