My advice to any young professional wanting a career in PR, especially agency life, is to go for it. You will learn so much by being part of projects from a variety of sectors and industries, but to make moments in the day for yourself, don’t let yourself get burnt out! If you are not in PR, I still feel that this advice is applicable to all young pros! 

My advice to any young professional wanting a career in PR is "Never think you are too good to do the dishes."
First, take this literally: If you see dishes in the sink at work, do them! It does not matter your title or role — show that you care about your work environment.
Second, take this figuratively: Never think you are too good to do something that needs to be done. As you grow in your career, remember all that you went through. Remember those hard days when you needed help or a break. Be that person that steps in and does it to help. You are never too good to do a task, as it is probably for a bigger project, so each element is essential. 
Quick Words of Advice:
  •  If you have a lunch meeting or interview: review the menu before you go and already know what you want
  •  Drink more water
  •  Read the newspaper as often as you can
  •  Find a way to give your boss or direct report 15-minutes of their day back
  •  Ladies: always keep a pair of flats at your desk
  •  Guys: always have a sewing kit in your desk for buttons that pop off.
  •  Always have gum - everyone likes the person who has gum :)
  •  Read for pleasure - I recommend going back to the books you were supposed to read in high school, but instead, you read the Cliff Notes versions. I can promise you Fahrenheit 451 and To Kill a Mockingbird are amazing books that you now have time to enjoy. My personal favorite: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
  •  Ladies: If you are planning an event, always wear a dress or blazer with pockets, or be like me and wear a fanny pack. I swear you will need a pocket for the night.
  •  Keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your desk or briefcase. If you burn easily, you do not want to get caught in an extended outdoor press conference without it. can also always send a resume to me

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