Podcasts, you a fan of them yet? I was hesitant when I heard the term, as I felt it was outdated and it was a "thing" for the smart/NPR-listening folks.

Oh boy, am I so glad to have been wrong. While yes, there are plenty of podcasts for the smarties of the world, which includes NPR -- but there is so much more out there, no matter your interest.

I shared recently with The Oklahoma 100 a list of top podcasts for everyone between sports fans, college students, young professionals and parents.

But I thought I pull back the curtain a bit and share some of my other personal favorites; I will include the suggestions I gave to OK 100 readers below as well.

My Weekly Listens:

1. Bobby Cast: Radio personality Bobby Bones. If you are a fan of his radio show and a fan of getting a BTS look at the lives of musicians, songwriters, entertainers -- it is a great listen.

2. The Almost Famous Podcast: I'm proud to say I am a big Bachelor fan and this one is a great recap of the week's episode. Because let's be honest, mama doesn't get to watch TV regularly; typically I am catching up on the latest PJ Masks or Sophia the First with Selah...or watch Ghost Busters (the original) for the 100th time.

3. Unqualified: Anna Farris, need I say more?

4. Arm Chair Expert: Dax Sheppard, I mean come on -- good for laughs

My Guilty Pleasure:

1. Binge Mode: Harry Potter Seasons - It may not seem like it on the surface, but this mama is a huge HP fan. I grew up on series, like so many my age did. I've read the books numerous times, seen the movies, listened to the audio versions...all of it. In fact, my coffee mug each day sits on either a Slytherin or Gryffindor coaster. So if you are a HP fan, I mean a big one, Binge Mode Harry Potter is a must. Each episode covers 3-5 chapters of a book starting from the beginning and dives deep into the plot lines, covers themes, character arcs, the hosts do a fantastic job re-telling the story. If you are more than an avid reader, but truly enjoy diving deep, re-thinking about what you've read, connecting the dots and HP, you will enjoy the adult humor but the actual intelligent conversations the hosts have about the lessons and true talents JK did throughout the series.

Now for the big list that covers a podcast for all types of fans:

College student: “Chasers”
Intern: “The Intern
Young pro: “Millennial Money
Sports fan: “30 for 30”
True crime: “My Favorite Murderer”
#GirlBoss: “Women Rule
Parenting: “Parenting On Purpose”
The mom: “Sure, Babe”
C-suite: “TedTalks Business”
Realtor: “Talking Real
Retired: “Stuff You Missed in History Class”
Just need a laugh: “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” (just launched)
Remember, most podcasts do not cost money, so download directly to your smartphone or tablet for your commute. 
Have a favorite podcast not listed? Send it to me; I am always up to adding more to my queue.