With Tanner
Without Tanner

So if you know me in "real-life", you know mama is pale, like "Hey there Casper" pale! Always have been, even though I am from California, I have never been able to tan.

As a dancer, I often got spray tans in a booth to help me blend in with the others, so when on stage or at a competition my white skin was not distracting (like I said, Casper).

I never really liked the spray tan from a booth option, as there was always spots, streaks and smell.

But thankfully more than a decade later technology and ways of getting tan have improved immensely.

I recently connected with Solrae Sunless tan and ladies, I am pumped to share them with you. From the photos above you can see it is not TOO dramatic, where people can spot the fake tan a mile away, but it is subtle, natural and gives you the boost of glow! I really love that I can get away with not using foundation daily!

Let me tell you what I love: 

1. The smell or lack of smell, spray tanning booths tend to leave an odor, but Solrae Tan smell is refreshing and does not bother the user.

2. The color/coverage, it does not come out too dark but allows you to spray and add layers based on how dark you want your tan.

3. It comes out like hair spray, so easy to manage and spread on your body, as it is an aerosol spray application. You will see results right away, but color will darker during the next two days.

**Tip use a mitt or makeup brush to blend!

As it is still pretty cold here in Oklahoma I am not wearing bare legs or arms around, so I have been using it weekly for my face, neck and shoulders!

I simply spray it on my face as mist a few times a week and have been able to keep a natural glow.

Whether you are looking for an option for a special evening or just want to maintain a glow without tanning beds, I recommend the Instant Airbrush Self-tanner, as it will provide a quick, but steak-free healthy glow!

I haven't even told you all the good stuff, all Solrae products are gluten-free, naturally derived and organic. You are able to achieve a beautiful tan without exposing your skin to potentially dangerous chemicals. + they certified vegan and cruelty-free by the PETA Foundation.

Ordering is easy, I have been using the Instant Airbrush Self-Tanner! Truly one of the best self-tanner options on the market.

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Disclaimer: I was sent Solrae Instant Airbrush Tanner to review, but each review of mine is done thoroughly and honestly! I do not recommend products that do not work. I've been using this product for more than a month and can say, I will keep using it as it achieves a result that I have not had before with lotions.

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