New Year resolutions -- hate em', love em'? No matter what you feel, a new year has started, thus causing things to automatically change.

Things such as the weather, insurance coverage and calendars hanging on the fridge -- all seem to change.

Instead of setting goals that are drastic changes, I decided to take some time to reflect on what I can do now, to give myself 15-minutes back in a day. What can I schedule now, that I will forget or put off in the future?

1. Book BOTH dental cleanings for the year: Just go ahead and get yours on the calendar, then your kids...might also nudge the husband to get his booked. (I am very lucky, my husband is very good at booking all of his own appointments).

2. Book a wellness exam/physical: Now that I am closer to 30 and a mom of two, I really need to make sure I am doing all I can to stay healthy. So I encourage each of you to book yours too. **These typically are 100% covered by insurance.

3. Find a primary doctor: Now to even do #2, I must find a bad. I am working on it.

4. Book the BIG APPOINTMENTS: Depending on your age and family history, book the big appointments. You know: Smear, Mammogram, Colonoscopy., Lung Scan, Stress Test, Therapy Sessions -- items you have been putting off, get them on the calendar and to help give yourself and your family peace of mind.

5. Put Birthday's on the calendar/buy Birthday cards: Have a list of folks you want to remember to give a card or gift to? GET IT ON THE CALENDAR! Don't wait until you get the FB alert telling you it is your niece's birthday, plan ahead and be the cool aunt who finally remembers to send cards :)

6. Genetic Testing: Now we all have most likely heard ads on the radio, seen commercials or read an article or two on genetic testing. There are now multiple affordable options that can be done from the comfort of your own home. I encourage you to also select the additional health option and this will give you the data to know more about your genetic markers and will help you understand what you can expect in the future. Knowledge is power people! Companies to look into 23 & Me or (Both have discount codes, be sure to use a 10% off code before purchasing).

7. Get a library card/use your library card: I am an avid reader. I enjoy reading at home and listening to books in my car. What I really love is a good deal, and nothing beats FREE. I suggest visiting your local library and get a library card, then using apps like Overdrive you can access the libraries digital versions and audiobooks for free.

8. Workbooks for the Kids: As parents, especially of a toddler we all have those days where you are so tired, and the kids are at a new level of hyper, and you need to redirect their focus. Instead of just letting them watch TV, if they cannot focus on a toy such as Legos, I suggest pulling out a workbook. I scored a bunch of basic ones at my local Dollar Tree. I usually pull two sheets: One that is a lesson and one that is a coloring page. We then work together on the lesson, and it allows me to give one-on-one attention to my toddler, but also helps the toddler refocus their mind on a single task, even if it is just circling all the triangles on the page. So go ahead and grab a few books and keep them in a place easy for you to access.

9. ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar, while I know it is a hard thing to swallow, I can say that taking it daily before I brush my teeth in the morning and at night has changed a lot for me in this first month of 2019. It has stopped a cold in its tracks, helps comfort a sore throat and helped settle an upset stomach. I also enjoy using it in my clay masks as it helps the product go on smoother. Take 1 tbsp twice a day (add some honey if you need to).

10. Make Grocery Shopping Easier: Now with two kids going to the grocery store, even Target can feel like a chore. Now that grocery pick up, and delivery is available, it has changed everything. I can now spend more weekend with my kids, talk thru groceries with my husband to make sure I am not missing anything and can keep a better eye on how much I am spending each week. We typically use Walmart Grocery Pick Up and/or Delivery and enjoy the service -- if you are looking for a way to make this part of your life easier, I highly suggest you start here. Plus you can pull up recipes on your Pinterest and automatically check if they are in your pantry or fridge, if not, add it to the shopping list!
**Use this link to sign up, plus get $10 off your first order by use promo code: EATFRESH

Now I know these are nothing out of the ordinary for some, but these 10 items are ones that I felt could help make 2019 a great year for me and my family. A year focused on maintaing good health and quality time with my family.
Have any goals of 2019 that you are keeping to?