I am finally way past those bad dreams you wake up from. Those that give you the feeling like you forgot to turn in a term paper or are going to be late for a class you have never attended (weren't those days the worst).

Being out of college for close to a decade, I now have moments where I just wish I could just go back and observe and listen, heck, times I wish I could just sit in my high school English class and just take in the time we had set aside just to read books.

Of course, this is not possible, but these feelings are normal for many adults, those moments we wish we could have back, knowing if we could do it all over again, we be WAY better students.

For some, they want to go back to the nights in the football stadium others it is time you spent eating lunch with friends on a tailgate, but these moments went by fast, and as the years go by, you look back and realize that you had it pretty great.

I enjoyed both high school and college, while both experiences were very different. I grew up and went to high school in California, but went to college and met my now husband when I was barely 18 -- both milestones were enjoyable and helped me grow.

Thinking about this, caused me to reflect on what advice I would have given myself back then:

1. Plan: Get in the habit early of having your tasks written down physically in the same place

2. Write, Write & Write: Embrace English class, and absorb as much of the rules of grammar as possible

3. Read: Grow to love books young, I didn't enjoy reading until I was in my 20's

4. Research: As a senior preparing for college understand that when you sign up for a student loan, what will happen once you graduate ( or don't). Have a plan in place to pay them back as quickly as possibly, heck, try to pay as you go. I hear about so many young professionals constantly stressed about loans, and so much of it is stuff they agreed to when they were 17-18 and did not properly research options and payback plans.

5. Faith: I got very lucky and attended a faith-based college, this allowed me to have four years of teachers dedicated to my education, but also my well-being. To this day, I am close with many and look back at my time in college as a positive one. I would remind myself that you will not get to have this level of support and love out in the "real world" -- so enjoy it.

6. Skate More: I didn't start riding a skateboard until high school, and even though I have had two girls I still enjoy riding. I cannot wait to teach Selah, she already loves to ride her scooter. I just wish I did it more as a kid, I danced so much, which was amazing, but this was a fun hobby I started and there is nothing like driving down the road and seeing a young girl skateboarding, makes me happy each time.

While things could have been easier, those high school and college years were wonderful and helped shaped me to who I am today.

Do you have any thoughts or advice you would have given yourself before you started college? Love to hear them!