Did you just have the "Oh SNAP" moment when you realized are still need to get a few gifts before the big Christmas day?

Well, you're in luck! I've come across a few unique gifts that even if you do buy online or pick up in the store last minute, they are different enough that they are not the "generic, I didn't know what to buy" gifts (you know what I am talking about).

Below all 4 gift ideas can be purchased online thru Amazon or even picked up in big box stores like Walmart or Target. **Since it is the holiday season, I recommend looking online at the big box stores and filtering to see which locations have it in stock, most times if you type in your zip code it will go as far as to tell you why aisle it is on.

1. Rocketbook: This amazing journal takes your note-game up a notch. Not only does it allow you to write your notes and erase them with a wet rag, but with a few clicks and snaps on your smartphone, your notes stay organized and online. ($29.99)

2. Color Smash: Got a game lover on your list? This game does not come with a ton of parts, great for road trips, family gatherings and even flights. This is also a great educational tool, as it helps kids identify colors and sight words! ($8.99)

3. Time to Parent: Don't let the name fool you, this book is not about making parents feel guilty about the way you parent. This book gives advice on creating a structure for your kids, allowing for less stressful days and more quality time as a family. ($16.20)

4. Swiss Safe Kit: No matter the size of your household, each home should have a first-aid kit. I also believe you should have one in every car. It is a gift that everyone can use, I really like this one, as it is fully loaded and comes with a nice case. ($27.88)

Now, if you need a last minute stocking stuffer for a family member who flies a lot, these little helpers are easy-to-buy gifts.

Buy EarPlanes online or at your local pharmacy. 

We are now just a few days away, so to quote Effie Trinket, "May the odds be ever in your favor"