Can you believe it? It is the holiday season and many of us are searching for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Today I thought I'd share with you gift ideas that can be purchased online and make the perfect gift for the married couples or newlywed couples on your list.

1. This Ecuadane blanket has become a favorite in our household. We first took it on a camping trip and it was perfect for the RV and by the campfire. It appears thin, but since it is made from alpaca wool, it keeps you very warm. Now that camping season is over, it has been brought in and is a house favorite. Good mix of designs offered, plus you can tell it is very well-made. *Highly recommend.

2. No matter if they have been married a month, 10 years or fifty years, couples all want to keep their home or apartment safe. This brand of Smart Cam N2 is sleek in design so it won't stand out among a couple's house decor. These also would make great baby cams for the new parents on your list.

3. These ECOS products were sent to us in late summer. I spent the last season using them over our typical big-box store cleaning products. I was so my impressed, I knew I wanted to include it on the gift guide list. These products not only clean well, but they are also safe and they leave the surfaces and air smelling wonderful. I recommend creating a cleaning caddy, filled with ECOS products, plus a set of brushes, sponges and new washcloths -- these are the types of gifts they couples will not ask for, but will value highly.
(Cost depends on the store)

4. Growing up my home in California always had underground sprinklers. Moving to Oklahoma I quickly realized not every house has a fence or sprinklers, took a while to get used to that. But this means that with an acre of land, my husband spends his summer and spring days maintaining and watering the grass/land. I recommend for those on your list that are homeowners, getting them a Smart Water Controller, giving them the ability to schedule and monitor water usage through an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Some other honorable mentions: 

1. Set of tools (Lowes and Home Depot typically has great under $50 deals for an all-in-one toolbox
2. Jumper cables & a gift certificate for a car detail
3. Postmates gift card 

Disclaimer: I was sent the blanket and cleaning products for review. But I chose to include in my content due to my honest appreciation of the products and can verify that both are items I recommend for any home.