So I am going to be super real for a moment. It is possibly true that I have had to throw away a handful of toothbrushes in the last few months due to my toddler doing/using them in all the wrong ways, let's just say #2 was involved and it was everywhere and horrible.

Then there is getting your toddler in a routine of brushing their teeth. We have done bribes, chore charts, know all the normal stuff, but what I finally figured out is my big girl likes to copy mom when she is getting ready for work and bed.

So each morning we have our routine, we take our gummy bears "vitamins" and then we head to the bathroom to brush together. Selah likes to take turns, which is basically her trying to consume as much toothpaste as possible (I know she is a strange one, but we love her). Selah for a while there, kept going for my toothbrush, so I knew she was ready to move to a "big girl brush" -- for the past month we have been trying out our matching MouthWatchers toothbrushes and we are really enjoying them. So each day we brush together, a fun routine and I know she is getting them good & clean.


The company has them in both manuals and powered, plus travel and economy packs. Here you can see the difference between adult & kid.

These toothbrushes are a tad different than the average brush, they are antimicrobial toothbrushes with flossing bristles. You can really tell the difference after you brush, I often get the "I just got them cleaned at the dentist" feeling, so good sign there, plus Selah is preparing to go to the dentist the first time, so I am glad we have an option that is helping prep her teeth the best way possible.

A little background on these brushes: 
1. Invented by a dentist :)
2. Infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grows on the bristles between uses
3. Flossing bristles so it makes for a long lasting brush
4. Purchase yours at (Sign up for the newsletter and get 15% off your first order) 

The price point is average, so I recommend giving them a try. Plus these make easy peasy stocking stuffers for anyone in the family.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by to do an honest review. I stand by the products I promote on PolkadottedChaos. If it on the site, it means it has been tested and I support the brand, the mission and products.