It always seems your toddler has so many books, but when you go to read one, you feel you are reading the same one again and again. 

I have realized this is due in part that my oldest has "all of the books" we have purchased or was given to us all together in her room, this includes the baby-based books that she hasn't touched in two years. 

Now that Lo is sitting up on her own, I am making the move of splitting the books, so each of the girls has the right books for their age. With this, I have noticed a decline in age-appropriate books for Selah (3-year-old) in the house. 

My girl loves stories of adventure, so I now have been focused on filling her nightstand with books that can help imagination grow. Nothing is sweeter then when she comes up a few days later and starts talking about a book or movie, I love hearing her recall it back or her unique angle on it. 

One book I do suggest you take a look at, if anything, add it to the Amazon list for Christmas is  Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate by Flibber T Gibbet. 

This fun-filled pirate adventure is great for young girls and boys, I will say, it will take parent involvement as it is truly a story, not just pictures and a few words. But this one I feel is perfect for those nights where you cozy up in bed with your toddler to help them wind down, the image and storyline will keep your child's interest and as a parent, you will enjoy keeping up with the story. 

Captain LaPlank will teach an important lesson to your child one of the importance of understanding and forgiving and accepting that you will make mistakes, but you should always keep trying. What a great lesson for toddlers and young children, those that are consistently trying new things each day. 

The book can be purchased in paperback or on a Kindle. 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but the book was sent to me for my honest review and feedback. I only promote products and books I stand behind and the book mentioned in this post is one I feel others could enjoy.