Whether you’re heading out for a camping or beach trip or simply to the backyard for a BBQ, these games are guaranteed to create hours of family bonding. Plus, they won’t take too much room in your bag.
1. Get the little ones’ imaginations going with Charades for Kids-Travel®. 
I have enjoyed this deck to help my toddler (3 years) improve her language and interpretation skills. I will show her a card and ask her "what is this?" She then looks at it and gives me her best explanation. I will say I do think I have a great Charades partner in the making :) 
2. The teens will enjoy cooling off with a Zoom Ball™ Hydro, a new way to play tug-a-war.
Now, this is the most intense tug-a-war game that two people can play. We took it out for a test run in our park in downtown OKC and us ladies all had a blast and were full of laughs as it surprises you when it speeds towards you, great fun, plus you can add or not add the water balloon, which could make it a fun summer activity. 
3. The whole family can get in on the action with i-Top™, a spinner-based game designed to test your skill and speed.
For those that like to sit and play a game, this is a great option. I will say read the instructions well and it will be better for those that are at least of "counting to 100" age. 
These Goliath Games can be found online and at all major retailers in Oklahoma.

A version of this article was originally posted to The Oklahoma 100.