Working Mom Must-Haves

Working Mom Must-Haves

The workplace continues to see more and more moms clocking in each day. After one has a child, they quickly realize their purse turns into a diaper bag, then back to a
purse when it is time for work.

Three must-have necessities for today’s working mom:
1. Smartphone: To check emails and review documents on the go, plus have something to entertain a child with.
2. Snack: Good rule of thumb, always have one for you, the child and the spouse (they often are forgotten).
3. Small notepad and pen: At some point in time, you’re bound to be away from your desk, taking a call from your phone. Have a notepad and pen in hand.
Bonus: Snap a photo of your notes so they’re with you. Don’t be afraid to document your little one’s artistic talents, too.

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