You Can Teach a Mom New Tricks - Lessons learned the second time around

Before you have children, you have these ideas of what you will be like as a parent. Then after that wonderful epidural and your first bundle of joy poops throws up all of you for the first time…all those “ideas” go in the trash, along with the 5th diaper you changed that morning.

As a first-time parent, you quickly learn that you do what you have to do just to survive. All those rules you gave yourself when you were four months pregnant and enjoying your second tub of ice cream that week, things like: I will give myself an “hour of me time” a day, I will never use formula, I will only use organic diapers…all of that quickly goes down the drain, along with the pumped breast milk that you accidentally left out and did not put in the fridge.

Then comes those two lines and you know another adventure is coming.

Now that Logan has entered the scene, I have started to notice things I have done differently these first five months.

Protein bars: I honestly eat at least 2x a day! Between overnight feedings, pumping before work, at work, before dinner and bed…my body is constantly working to make milk, give milk, therefore I need more calories. My personal favorite: KIND Breakfast Bars. *Bonus: I also continue to see an increase in milk supply after I eat one (or two) J

      Eye Masks/Face Masks: Thankfully neither of my pregnancies lead to acne, but with a mix of crazy hormones and Oklahoma wind, my face gets dried out quickly. Every Sunday, I aim to use a facemask to give my face some attention. *Bonus, my two-year-old thinks I look like a cool zombie & these particular masks can be picked up at Target for $3.99.

      I also always try to have a handful of under eye masks ready for the mornings that my eyes bags are looking a little too full. Plus it makes for some good stares during your commute to the office.

        Deep Conditioner/Dry Shampoo: My hair after this pregnancy has been nuts. Falling out by the clumps, super dry/fragile, but at the same moment, oily at the roots after a shower. So a few tricks: This deep conditioner, great because it can go on dry or wet hair, dry shampoo (my personal favorite, plus under $4 at Walmart). Plus always grab a can of dry shampoo and keep one at home, in your purse & at work. 
**Added Tip: Wash your hair with shampoo twice while in the shower. More often then not, the first wash, only gets surface dirt/oil out, the second wash, really helps get the hair completely clean.

Screenshot/snap a pic of paper: When you have a two-year-old if they see you have a pen and paper, they assume they must have it. They do not mind that you already got started writing on it, you know, writing down important doctor's appointments, grocery lists...boring stuff. So I have gotten in the habit that if I am handed a document or paper with info I need such as Logan's 6-month wellness appointment date, groceries my husband would like added to the list or tasks accomplished at work, I snap a pic of the paper immediately. This way I always have it...let's just pretend I am really good at transferring those doctors appointments to the calendar and referencing the grocery list each time I get lost go to Target. 

Bonus Tip: For the love of God, DO NOT BUY character based snacks. It is inevitable that the store will stop stocking them, then when you hand your kind off-brand fruit snacks, they will demand the Minion ones. When my girl went through this phase, I might have just saved a few of the Minion fruit snack wrappers and pulled fast switch-a-roo...gotcha kid!

With all this, I love my girls, love being a mom and wouldn't change a thing...well besides the hair falling out, that sucks.