Teenager Taylor did not like to read, in fact, she was a big fan of Spark Notes for all those book reports and required reading in high school. Strangely I grew up around readers, both parents always had a book around, but I just did not enjoy it.

As I got into college and closer to married life, I started to see an interest. I will admit my first favorites were a collection of books written by the comedian Chelsea Handler, but as I grew a tad bit older I started looking for more. Fast-forward and I finally have read the entire Harry Potter series (twice), everything by Nicholas Sparkes (The Wedding is my favorite), plus another good 100+ romance novels, memoirs, biographies and more.

I am now a huge reader, I enjoy reading books, listening to audio books and diving into good articles. I am going to start sharing some of the latest reads in a "Millennial Reads" -- not that all the items featured will just be for Millennials, but simply are reads that as a Millennial I have enjoyed.

First up: 2 Articles & An Audio Book.

Now, this is a millennial must-read. Every quarter when I receive a notice stating how much is saved in my 401(k), I get a sense of relief. Knowing that before I hit 30, I will have tucked away a good nest egg to set my family up for retirement. (Husband has his own being a teacher). This article explains the pros and cons of using your 401(k) before retirement and provides you insight on options when you need cash fast.

I am a sucker for a good list. I actually tend to be drawn to lists in magazines like this. I always like to read about successful young professionals making impacts in their community and industry. Since I work in PR, AD Age always has one of my favorite compiled lists. This article is a nice piece to see where "winners" are now, years later. On this includes the guys behind Google. 

Audiobook: Sisters First - By the Bush Twins
Now this book, of course, comes in hard copy, but as I am one who has a lengthy commute, I am enjoying via audiobook. I also prefer listening to books when they are read by the author, makes it more personal and you connect more.

Even if you are a proud liberal, I highly recommend this read. While yes they are the daughters and granddaughters of two Republican presidents, the book does not focus on those roles. It gives you more of a glimpse of their childhood in Texas, a different side to their mom (Laura Bush) & granny (Barbara Bush) as women of influence, it reflects on the phases of growing up and highlights what it feels like to go thru loss as a teenager and how it molds you as an adult.

It is done in the style of Jenna reading one chapter and Barbara the next, with the forward by Laura Bush.

Great read, recommend you download on audiobook.

**I tend to get asked how I get access to so many audio books and I always tell them to download Overdrive & Libby. These allow you to connect your free library membership to the app and gain access to the books and audiobooks the library has on file.