Can't believe it has been two months since Logan arrived (Birth Story Here). Would you believe me if I said my hospital bag is still somewhat still packed? If you said yes, you are right. But hey, I am a mom of two now, I've been busy :) But in all honesty, it just has a bunch of toiletries that can be ready to go for future trips.

I started thinking about my hospital bag around week 30, this is because at that point I felt I was going to go into labor any day. The silly girl made us wait until week 39. But I wanted to make sure I was ready and I had everything I needed, especially since I was going to a different hospital.

My #1: Vaseline/Chapstick

After my first was born, the one thing I remembered was my lips being so chapped. I know it is because the air is purposefully very dry, so be prepared. I went ahead and just got the end-of-world size :)

My #2: Dry Shampoo

Want to get real? I did not wash my hair the entire hospital stay. I mean I probably would have if I didn't end up having to get a C-section, but geez, having "major surgery" really kicks your butt and I ended up getting whip lash from the scary delivery, so I really couldn't lift my arms to my head to wash...then I would have had to brush my hair, nope, it was not going to happen. This might be you, so I recommend getting a travel size dry shampoo and use it before guests arrive, while you there in the mirror, I used some concealer and mascara and I felt somewhat normal when people came to see the baby.

My #3: Comfy Clothes

My first delivery I for some reason did not bring any button up tops so feeding was interesting to say the this time around I was sure to purchase a short sleeve and long sleeve set of jammies. They also were really nice recovery clothes for home. I was able to score the short sleeve button up set on Amazon.

My #4: My own "hospital-grade" socks

So I showed up in my own hospital socks for my induction (I was prepared for her to come quickly) haha, but my water took a bit of time to fully break and when it finally did, I got "it" on my socks. So as I was apologizing to the nurses for "it" getting on them too, they put on these horrible yellow hospital socks that went up to my knees and did not fit at all. I knew I would have to keep tugging at them. So thankfully, once things got back to "normal" I was able to get me a fresh pair of the ones I bought. I got these hospital socks on Amazon too, remember you can bring your own socks, but most nurses are going to want to make sure they have grips because you will be doing some walking around after delivery and you will already by unsteady, no slippage is what you want.

My #5: Flip Flops

Just like when you go camping and use public restrooms, bring your own flip flops. So I actually packed my camping flip flops. Even though it is not a public restroom, who knows how many women have used it before you after birth. Even though they clean it very well, just the thought creeped me out. You can always throw them away before you leave the hospital.

Now I know there are tons of hospital bag lists out there, these were just my top 5. Of course be sure to bring clothes for baby, make your husband pack clothes/things to entertain him, snacks, phone chargers...etc.

But as a final tip: TAKE AS MUCH A POSSIBLE...and then some.

They most likely will give you newborn and size 1 diapers in the room. Take them all. Plus ask for more. Same for wipes. Also take the brush, water pitcher, snot sucker, pads...take it all. Trust me you are going to be charged for it.

Since I had a Valentine's Day baby, our sweet girl got a hand made Valentine beanie, but be sure to grab the hospital hat...very sweet keepsake.

Do you have any other must-haves for your bag?

Here is Logan in her handmade Valentine's Day Beanie.