Most people who were around me during my pregnancy expected me to deliver early. Starting at week 30, I felt the end was always near. I was very sick and uncomfortable -- nothing how I felt with Selah. In fact, I worked in the office until the day before my water broke with her. Where with my second daughter I had to start working from home around week 35-36.

Finally, at week 37 we decided we were going to induce at week 39. Still, in my mind, I thought she would come early, but no, just continued to be sick and uncomfortable.

We arrived at the hospital on Feb. 14 at 6:30 a.m., felt calm and ready to go. In my mind, I remember my labor with Selah being pretty easy (thanks, epidural).

It all started off well, lots of questions from the nurses, a few pokes because my veins in my hands tend to roll, but we got things rolling by 7:30 a.m. The doctor came in and broke my water within the next hour or so and we let things progress...many ice chips later and I finally said let's get the epidural going.

Around noon, I was getting closer, but my nurses were starting to have to move me around a lot. At first, it was to make me more comfortable, then it turned to "we need to make the baby happier" which translates to "baby's heartbeat is not where itis supposed to be." I asked multiple times if my blood pressure was good? Is the baby good? And they reassured me everything was good, and progressing.

A few hours later, things started changing rapidly. My husband and I did not expect that things were about to head into emergency mode.

At first, it was my normal two nurses, coming in and moving monitors on my belly, shifting my body's position, then two more nurses came in, more dominating nurses, who were moving me more, then a flood of nurses came in, all of them were talking loudly to each other, demands were being said and multiple people were saying to call my doctor right now. All while I was being flipped very quickly from side to side, on my knees, a shot was given...

Then the bed was being moved and I was being taken away from my room, still not being spoken to directly and being informed of what was going on, nor was Dallas at my side anymore. We did not expect this, we did not talk about any of this being a possibility.

Then I see the overhead light and I knew I was in OR. They still were asking where my doctor was and information was being shared that she was coming and just across the street. Then through tears and me not understanding what was going on and where my husband was, my doctor came in (later I found out, she rushed in and dropped her phone and keys on the floor, that's how fast she had to get to me) and she started working quickly. Then I was told, everything was ok and that I should hear her cry soon. Felt tugging and pulling... then I did hear her cry, and finally, I saw my husband walk-in.

Poor guy got left in the birthing room with a new nurse (it was her first week and she was still learning the ropes and I was one of her first moms). She had no idea what was going on and could not give my husband any information on where I was and what was happening and if the baby was ok.

He came to me and stayed with me as I calmed down, I still could not believe I just had a c-section, it was not the plan. But finally, I was okay with my husband leaving my side and going to the baby and being there for her "checks" - they brought her to me to see before taking her to check in more detail. I do not remember if it was before my husband came in or after, but, my sweet doctor came by my head after she delivered Logan to talk to me directly, she helped calm me and spoke to me as a fellow mom and not a doctor, it meant a lot.

I was taken to recover, and a few minutes later she was brought to me and put on my chest...finally. The sweet nurses did come in and apologize multiple times for having to do everything so fast and without explaining what was going on. I knew they were just doing their jobs, but it was interesting how much they felt they needed to apologize. It soon would make more sense.

First, they all told me Logan was healthy and normal. I was being monitored and tests were being taken for my blood count, I end up losing 5l, where most C-Sections loose 2l. Thankfully, no blood transfusion was needed. I did get some whiplash in my neck, due to the flipping and tossing that happened before the surgery, but that is what the meds are for :) A while later, my doctor came in to check on me. It was revealed then what went wrong, and the reason most likely for my sickness during the pregnancy and irregular discomfort at the end of the pregnancy.

It was revealed that Logan's heartbeat had gone down to 30 bpm, where normal is 140-150bpm. They could not risk it and the C-section had to happen and happen fast. Once she was born, it was realized that Logan had an irregular-sized cord and since it was so short, it was causing the drop, which also could have been the cause of the discomfort, that she was constantly trying to get comfortable in there.

A few days later we went home, then to her first appointment and to mine. My doctor's office nurses all wanted to see Logan, which I assumed was normal...babies are cute! But, our Logan was one they had been helping with for the last nine months and they were told what had happened. They called her our miracle baby, I asked a few questions about the delivery and it was made clear to me that if the delivery did not happen as fast as it did, we would have had a different outcome.

Thankfully she did not come early because if she would have and my water broke at home and contractions started like normal, we would have been advised to stay at home until they were closer together...Logan came when I was only dilated to a 6. We would have not been at the hospital, her heartbeat would not have been monitored. Facts like these scare me because of all the "what ifs" - but we know God had his hand it all of it and kept everyone safe, and she came right when she was suppose to be here, she was meant to be a Valentine's Day baby.

Our miracle baby came in seven minutes, while they were moments of complete terror, there was a moment of peace that I knew everything would be ok and the sound of her cry was the sweetest way to end those seven minutes.

Now our girl is a month old, she has put on some weight and is still pretty amazing. Her big sister loves to give her hugs and kisses and we as her parents are enjoying the newborn stage.

Here are some pictures for stickin' around.