There is this adorable 16-month-year-old who is finally getting some hair! Now as a former bald-headed kid myself, I understood that this trait might have been passed onto my offspring, but boy am I excited that her hair is finally growing in...even if it is looking like a mullet.

More hair, means fewer people calling her a boy and more hair clips!

As an update, this sweetheart is still pretty amazing. She loves to play independently, plays very nicely with her baby dolls and loves to dance, especially to TV show tunes & old school hip hop at the end of movie credits! She hates vegetables and loves cookies...she may or may not think the sign for a cookie is actually the sign for "more"....oops.

She is prone to ear infections, poor thang just can't stop getting them. (I am all ears (pun intended) on any tips or tricks! We are pretty close to having to do the surgery for the tubes...

She has tried out her big girl bed a few times, more practice and sleepless night for mom and dad are surely ahead!

We are gearing up for soccer season soon with dad, which will be a lot of fun since she can now run around and play!

For your entertainment, here is the mullet up close & personal!