Dear Selah,

Today marks a very special milestone for us. A year ago today, at 9:02 a.m., you, sweet Selah Grace entered the world. You came on a Sunday, and you were ten days early. I should have known then that you, my sweet girl would continue to be one that was eager and would want to do things your way and early...

We found out that you were coming on New Years Day 2015. What an exciting moment for us. Just a few days prior I had learned that a good friend of mine had suddenly passed away, and it was a hard time for me being in Oklahoma when my friends back home were grieving this amazing friend of ours. So to start the New Year knowing that my life was going to change for the better, peace came over me, and I was able to grieve my friend while feeling blessed I was still here and about to start an exciting journey with you and daddy. 

Those first few weeks were a blur, a beautiful and exciting blur. You made me feel complete and every day I got spend many quiet moments with you that I cherish and that I miss today. 
Now you, my 1-year-old, you are a spitfire, full of energy and life. You crawled early and walked way sooner than we expected. At ten months you were ready to explore on your own, and we have been chasing you around since. 

Now today is going to be special. I took the day off to spend with you, my only get one 1st Birthday, and I want to be with you every moment. Today will be filled with kisses, giggles and plenty of fun, I know you will not remember this day, but I will, and I want to remember how amazing it feels to know that daddy and I got through year one, and we cannot wait to see what you will do next!

Happy Birthday my sweet Selah Grace.