Gift Guide: Gifts for Dad

The Dad Hoodie: Now this hoodie is great! The outside looks like a regular comfy hoodie, the inside has ALL THE POCKETS! Allowing Dads to eliminate the need to carry a diaper bag, and just throw in what they need! I wish it was my size, perfect for grocery store runs when you don't need everything, but just enough to keep you covered! I will say, Dallas wore his (See here) on Thanksgiving and it looked very cute! (BUY NOW)

Toiletry Travel Bag: Can a guy really have enough toiletry bags? The answer is NO! But this smaller size would be a great stocking stuffer. 

Solemates Shoe Deodorizer: My husband is a coach and he is used to all the smells of a locker room! This shoe deodorizer is perfect for the whole family. I try to spray the soles of our shoes once a week and it just eliminates any odors, especially for leather and tennis shoes. If you are grabbing a few items from Solemates, I also recommend the weather protector spray & leather salve. 

Motion Sensor: With two girls & three dogs, having a safe home is very important to us! As the girls get older, there are more places we need to monitor! I am a big fan of @heykangaroo‘s motion sensor! What’s so amazing about this sensor is there is no wires, no monthly commitment & no camera! Just a sensor that will send alerts to your phone on the @heykangaroo app.
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Brookly Cloth Outerwear: Now this brand, has some great pieces not only for Dad, but for the boys in the house. Now I will say, I wish this jacket I got for Dallas was in my size as it is super cute on! I will say, my husband looks great in this, but this is a style he would not have picked out himself, so it was neat to get him something different, but now after he has it, he likes it and wears it.