REVIEW: Skin Authority

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Tired of messing with moisturizers, sunscreen, foundations, and more before dashing out the door? Skin Authority has the best products to get your face protected for the summer!

Enhance your beauty routine in ONE simple step with the ALL NEW revolutionary SkinSuit™--the first all-encompassing, all seasons anti-aging beauty product that goes beyond SPF to hydrate, color correct, and protect against both indoor and outdoor irritants.

With just one step, this weightless mineral formula combats photoaging damage caused by everything from blue light exposure from cell phones and screens to toxic chemicals that float in the air. 

Plus, it’s been shown to boost the effects of other anti-aging topicals including vitamins C and E, Retinols, and antioxidants by up to 200%!

Reasons to love SkinSuit™

Provides all-in-one protection from indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors. Guards against UV radiation, pollution, blue light (cells and screen), infrared, and heat activity (due to activities such as exercise).
Hydrating enough to handle even winter’s driest touch.
Color corrects to hide small imperfections.
Enhances the efficacy of topical vitamins and antioxidants
Applies weightless and sheer without the ghostly sheen.
Keeps skin looking healthy, fit, and fabulous.
SPF 50.
Reef Safe.
Free of parabens, no added dyes, no added perfumes, no microbeads and cruelty-free/ no animal testing.
Compatible with all skin types.
As summer wraps up and vacation time gives way to school and work with long hours of screen time, SkinSuit™ offers break-through protection against blue light and infrared exposure.   
Discover the next frontier of skin protection and put modern skin aggressors in their place with SkinSuit™.
SkinSuit™ is currently available in two applications:
$59 for SkinSuit™ Face
$24 for SkinSuit™ Lips